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New Version ACQUA 4.0.200
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ACQUA (Code 6810) - Communication Analysis System
Advanced Communication Quality Analysis
ACQUA is a dual channel analysis system for diagnosis of acoustic and/or electric transmission paths up to 24 kHz. By means of predefined modifiable measurement descriptors measurement data can be gathered and evaluated in a simple and quick manner. All telecom specific analyses comply with the international standards of ETSI, ITU, TIA, 3GPP, GCF, PTCRB, DECT Forum, GSMA, CTIA.
The system includes a dual channel signal generator and a dual channel analyzer. In combination with measurement front ends a wide range of single components,complete terminals and transmission networks can be analyzed via fully synchronized digital in- and outputs.
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A variety of options allows the individual tailoring of the software and its performance to    specific fields of application which may range from the evaluation of frequency responses to psychoacoustic models and speech quality analysis systems.
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