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HMS II.3 (Code 1230) -
Head Measurement System with Ear Simulator and Mouth Simulator

HMS II.3 is an artificial head measurement system with an IEC 60318-4-compliant ear simulator and a full-band-capable artificial mouth.
HMS II.3 is ideally suited for measuring close-to-the-ear transducers in handsets, headsets, headphones, hearing protectors and hearing aids. By realistically replicating all acoustically relevant structures of the human anatomy, HMS II.3 also allows measurements of far-to-the-ear transducers such as hands-free equipment.
HMS II.3 is equipped with an impedance simulator in the right ear and an artificial mouth, both meeting the requirements in the Recommendations ITU-T P.57 and P.58. The mouth reproduces the complete spectrum of human voice, allowing super-wideband as well as fullband measurements in sending direction.
HMS II.3 is delivered with anatomically shaped pinnae type 3.3 and can be retrofitted with simplified pinnae type Description 3.4, both according to ITU-T P.57.

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