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  VoCAS - Features
VoCAS - Features
Audio source databases:
Assisted import of audio files (e.g. as *.dat, *.wav, *.raw or *.mp3) with automatic tagging using filename/folder structure, information in HDF header or by script
Manual tagging also possible
Table overview of tagged audio files with attribute columns and values
Assisted recording of audio files for individual tests with immediate viewing of time data and assignment of tags
Processing of imported or recorded audio files (Level adjustment RMS or ASL, trimming, splitting, FIR/IIR filtering)
File storage in SQLite databases
Hardware features:
Control of front end MFE VI.1 incl. mouth equalization, playback, monitoring
Remote control of HAE-BGN/-car or 3PASS
Test sequence features:
Define playback configurations for different levels and Lombard effect
Background noise configurations for different types and/or levels
Automated modification of test sequence by means of parameter sets with placeholders
Python scripts with simple API for further automation of testing process
Reproducible playback of sequences
Result acquisition, presentation and export to Excel
Possible elements of a test sequence

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