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3PASS lab / 3PASS flex / 3PASS reverb - Download Overview
Data sheets
The data sheets contain a short product description, a technical description and information about the application possibilities of the respective product.
Subject Content
3PASS lab (Code 6990) 3PASS lab is especially suited for the evaluation of complex noise reduction algorithms, e.g. as often found in modern smartphones. 3PASS lab complies with the ETSI standard TS 103 224 and includes a noise database as specified by the standard.
1,8 MB
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3PASS flex (Code 6995) 3PASS flex is particularly suited for multi point noise simulation (MPNS), e.g. as required for testing multi-microphone car hands-free systems. 3PASS flex complies with the ITU-T standards P.1100/P.1110/ P.1120 (Annex F) and P.1140 (Annex B).
2,4 MB
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3PASS reverb (Code 6996) 3PASS reverb is an option for accurate simulation of reverberation in rooms.
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