Hearing is Emotion

People of HEAD acoustics

Our goal is and has always been to integrate human hearing into measurement and analyses

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Genuit

Founder and Managing Director of HEAD acoustics GmbH and HEAD Genuit Foundation

Psychoacoustics is the key

All auditory events are inextricably linked to perception. Just think about the emotions music can arouse, or consider how loud bird tweets can put you in a good mood while the quiet buzzing of a mosquito can keep you up all night.


Authentic communication is the goal

Dr.-Ing. Hans Wilhelm Gierlich

Managing Director Telecom

aHEAD in every aspect

At HEAD acoustics, we have been paying great attention to all aspects of voice communication since long before manufacturers and network operators began to focus on it. We have been exploring emerging technologies and conducting research into the effects of signal processing on human perception – with outstanding results.


Our employees are the beating heart of the company

Stephan Noth

Managing Director



Focusing on people

Whether we assist in optimizing product sounds, contribute to ensuring that people have convenient means of communicating across borders, or help to reduce noise impact: People are always at the heart of everything we do – and that applies to our developments and our company equally.


What inspires us are the challenges of tomorrow

Dr.-Ing. Aulis Telle

Managing Director Sound, Vibration and Perception


Shaping the future

With the introduction of psychoacoustics and binaural measurement and analysis technology to vehicle development, HEAD acoustics has done pioneering work that has made its mark far beyond the automotive industry. By creating seamless links between simulation, measurement, and interactive vibroacoustic experiences with products that do not yet physically exist, we are paving the way for the future of product sound design.


Working time is living time

People at HEAD acoustics

Günther Eberhardt,
Head of Global Sales, Sound, Vibration and Perception


Passion, conscious experience and harmony with my inner values are an essential part of my working life.

Our customers are always in the center of my attention, they are the key to success. On their behalf, I am committed to offering first-class products and positive user experiences.

Differences worth listening to

People at HEAD acoustics

Anuj Sethi, Engineering Services


Providing custom-fit solutions to varied individual needs is both: challenging and rewarding, that, in essence, demands one to expand their know-how constantly; which is what makes my work here so appealing.


Precision and dexterity

People at HEAD acoustics

Dana Drüner, Assembly and Service


Manufacturing needs both: Maximum precision and placing the highest value on attention to detail has a tradition here. This has convinced me from day one. The reward for our work is customer satisfaction and that the HEAD acoustics brand stands for quality worldwide.

We bring innovations on the road

People at HEAD acoustics

Thorsten Eisbein, Development Telecom


It's awesome to be able to move things. As a developer at HEAD acoustics you design solutions - always with an eye for today's and tomorrow's technologies.

The tests in our labs and the feedback from our customers show us that our work is not only worthwhile but really moving things forward. I really appreciate being part of it.

Teamwork is the key

People at HEAD acoustics

Mamadou Diallo, Apprentice


For me, teamwork is essential. I am convinced that this is how we can achieve the best result - both for the projects we're involved in and for ourselves personally.


Cutting-edge research

Practice and Theory, Innovation and Research

Publications, Professorships, Research assignments


We attach great importance to partnerships with universities and other scientific institutions. Our employees work on national and international research projects and are members of standardization committees and industrial…


We attach great importance to partnerships with universities and other scientific institutions. Our employees work on national and international research projects and are members of standardization committees and industrial associations. The synergies that result from this give us that all-important unique selling point on the market, a quality that has made HEAD acoustics what it is today: an innovative, customer-oriented and dependable partner.

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Technology as a link between cultures

People at HEAD acoustics

Rami Ballout, Sales Telecom


Every day, I'm amazed at the places around the world where HEAD acoustics is known. My customers are located in Israel, India and Kosovo, to mention just three examples. No matter how great the cultural differences, what we all have in common is a passion for technical innovation - especially for acoustics.