Shaping the future

With the introduction of psychoacoustics as well as binaural measurement and analysis technology to vehicle development, HEAD acoustics has done pioneering work that has been making its mark far beyond the automotive industry. By creating seamless links between simulation, measurement and interactive, vibroacoustic experiences with products that do not yet physically exist, we are paving the way for the future of product sound design.

An obvious step

Following my PhD in electrical engineering, it was in 2011 that I asked myself: which company has employees who share my fascination with the multifaceted nature of acoustics and its links with human perception? The answer was close at hand, in more ways than one, as RWTH Aachen University was just a short distance away from HEAD acoustics.


To get good answers, you need to ask the right questions

Since the company was first established, we at HEAD acoustics have focused on people and the correlation between physical phenomena and how they are perceived. As society and technology undergo changes, so do the areas of application of these disciplines. New opportunities present themselves.

For example, Active Sound Design offers a great degree of freedom in the creation of new vehicle sounds. In the context of changing user requirements and new statutory frameworks, we work with our customers to answer the most crucial question that will get them to their desired result – namely, which product sound will be not only accepted but also perceived positively, and in which situations?


Interconnection of simulation and measurement

Physical characteristics and diagrams are part of the day-to-day business, especially in the simulation of components and complete systems. Unfortunately, they are not able to reveal how users will later perceive the real product in vibroacoustic terms. The actual experience and interactive evaluation of product sounds, even without physical prototypes, not only saves development time but is also a basis for valid design decisions.

Based on our in-house research and in-depth communication with our customers, we incorporate findings from simulations and measurements into both our products and our services. As a result, we can make it possible to experience product sounds early in the development process and thus enable valid evaluations and comparisons.


Passion. Innovation. Perfection.

Together we passionately strive for perfection in every detail to play a crucial role in helping to improve our acoustic surroundings in all areas of life and work. We succeed because of the work of our highly motivated employees. We at HEAD acoustics consider ourselves an international family with the creativity, expertise and ability always to think and move one step further. That is what makes us such a dependable partner. This still impresses me, and I am proud to be part of the HEAD family. It is something to be treasured, and that must be preserved in turbulent times as well.