HEAD acoustics | 1986 - 2016 | In Retrospect

1986 HEAD acoustics GmbH was founded as a pioneering company with the idea of introducing on the market the by then in this form unknown and fascinating head-related recording and playback technology involving the human auditory system. Initially ridiculed by the classical providers of metrology AACHENHEAD® technology won recognition all around the world in a very short time.

Our innovative strength, the close and constructive contact with our business partners and our services have been part of HEAD acoustics’ trademark since the company’s foundation.

We continue to invest in intensive research and development and will search for joint solutions with our business partners in order to master upcoming challenges.

HEAD acoustics GmbH thanks all employees as well as its business partners for 30 years of trusting and successful cooperation and would like to continue impressing its customers with our technology in the future!